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My Harris Poll Vote – From the Bird’s Nest
Here is my Harris Poll vote for October 14.  BTW, the first BCS Standings are tonight, to be released at 7:30.
1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Kansas State
4. Notre Dame
5. Florida
With apologies to Oregon St., Mississippi State, Louisville and the others, these are the unbeatens deserving to be ranked at th…
From the Bird’s Nest: My Harris Poll Vote
Because of the difficulty in getting home from Nashville last week, I neglected to post this. So, here we are after a one week absence with my Harris Poll vote for this week.
Over the next few weeks this all is going to shake out. Stanford still must play Oregon, LSU has to play Arkansas, Oklahoma …
From the Bird’s Nest: My Harris Poll Vote
Finally, a shakeup in the top ten.
I've pretty much voted the same in the top nine the last three weeks.  But now, there's been some separation.  As a result of so many teams losing (especially in the lower seven) it took a while for me to rank the teams this week...
From the Bird’s Nest: My First Harris Poll Vote
Today is the day I made my first vote in the Harris Interactive Poll.  As I said in a previous blog, I'm not necessarily going to make my entire vote public each week.  But I'll make some references as to how I voted.
But, here's my top ten for week one...