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Vikings Release Donovan McNabb
The Minnesota Vikings released six-time Pro-Bowl quarterback Donovan McNabb today. The 35 year old's brief staf in the Twin Cities was not a good one, going 1-5 in 6 starts with the Vikings. He was replaced by first round draft pick Christian Ponder as Minnesota began to build for the future. W…
QB Trade Market Can Be Deceptive
Before the NFL lockout began 118 days ago, the Seattle Seahawks reportedly offered the Philadelphia Eagles a trade package that included a first-round pick in exchange for quarterback Kevin Kolb. Matt Hasselbeck is set to become a free agent when the lockout is lifted, and Charlie Whitehurst is not …
Great NFL Moments of 2010
Sports Illustrated takes a look at the biggest NFL stories of the past year. The Saints celebrating a Super Bowl Championship is undoubtedly on the list.