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NFLPA, Players Don’t Want Tagliabue Either!
The players in the New Orleans Saints bounty program succeeded in getting commissioner Roger Goodell to recuse himself.
Now, they want the same for his predecessor.
The NFL Players Association, along with four current and former Saints players, have filed a motion in U...
“Bounty” Players Appeal, Want Goodell to Recuse Himself
All four players involved in the alleged New Orleans Saints bounty scandal have filed an appeal in the latest punishment handed down by Commissioner Roger Goodell.
In an interesting twist, the four players, Jonathan Vilma, Will Smith, Scott Fujita and Anthony Hargrove have asked that Goodell recuse h…
Source: Vilma Would Meet With Goodell
Back during the time suspended players could appeal NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's decision as a result of the alleged bounty system by the New Orleans Saints, Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma walked out on Goodell, calling the entire affair a charade...
Hargrove Says It’s Not His Voice on the Tape
A day after appearing at the NFL appeal concerning his suspension, former Saints defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove held his own press conference, insisting his voice is not the one on a tape saying "Give me the money."
Hargrove said in a thirteen minute statement criticized the NFL…

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