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Top 10 Quarterbacks Drafted #1 Overall
Being drafted #1 overall as a quarterback in the NFL usually means you will become one of two things...boom or bust. While there are a few examples of guys like Carson Palmer and Alex Smith who fall somewhere in the middle, you usually gets busts like JaMarcus Russell or Tim Couch, or booms like Ter…
Silly Super Bowl Prop Bets For Sunday’s Big Game
Hundreds of millions of dollars will be bet on Super Bowl XLVII. Not just bet on who will win the game, but millions will be spent on prop bets. In most cases, silly prop bets. For instance, how many times will "Harbaugh" be said during the game. The over/under on that one is 21.5. Other f…
Michael Crabtree Runs His Mouth
San Francisco 49ers diva wide receiver Michael Crabtree is better at running his mouth than he is at running his routes. When it comes to his starting quarterback, Crabtree isn't sure Alex Smith should be the guy. The problem is, when Crabtree talks, nobody listens.
Spread Offense Is A Disease
The spread offense is a disease from the devil when it comes to a quarterback making the jump from college to the pros. Well, according to Mike Klis of the Denver Post it is.