While Ray Lewis and Ed Reed grab the most headlines, perhaps the best player on the Baltimore Ravens defense is linebacker Terrell Suggs. The Saints must account for him on Sunday in their road matchup versus Baltimore. Suggs has played Peyton Manning and Tom Brady many times. How would he stack up Saints quarterback Drew Brees in comparison to Manning and Brady?

 He puts Brees a notch above Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

Asked if Brees presents the same challenges as Brady and Manning, Suggs said, “Well, in my eyes he’s better. Maybe it could be my personal vendetta against the other guys, but he’s definitely one of the premier quarterbacks in this league, and he’s got the numbers to prove it. And not only that, he’s got the hardware to prove it.”


With the media always shoving Manning and Brady down America's best as the "unchallenged best" QBs in the league, it's refreshing to see one of the best defensive players in the league put Brees atop the list of best QBs.