The Pittsburgh Steelers star running back has been a no-show this entire season due to a holdout for more money and a guaranteed long-term contract, we all know this. Back-up James Connor has filled in very admirably but he's just not Le'Veon Bell, he doesn't bring the unique skill-set that Bells does to the game.

You may have heard the Mega Millions Lottery drawing happened last week and the total was up over 1.5 billion dollars. Yes, a lot of money and perhaps enough money to entice Bell to get back to the Steelers?

Well, his teammate JuJu Smith-Schuster, a wide receiver for the Steelers thought it would have been and he tried to win his teammate back by winning the lottery.

Unfortunately, his attempt was unsuccessful and Le'Veon remains at home as the season grows older with so much uncertainty about his future.

I will say, it was a valiant effort by Smith-Schuster and shows how badly some of the guys in that locker room want him back.


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