Saints linebacker and special teamer Stanley Arnoux has been searching for his Super Bowl ring since it was stolen in late May. A valet worker for the Fountainebleau Hotel in Miami has been arrested for the theft. The perp was caught when he tried to pawn the ring for $1200.

Gil F. Ulloa, 47, of Miami, was arrested earlier this month. Ulloa was working as the valet manager when he moved Arnoux's car on May 30th. Arnoux was hanging out at Club LIV that night. When his car was returned, he was missing $200 and hsi Saints Super Bowl ring.  Here is more from

Alberto Itturrey, a pawn shop employee at Kendale Jewelry in southern Miami-Dade County, said that the next day, the diamond-studded Super Bowl ring showed up there in the hands of Ulloa.

Ulloa pawned the ring for $1,200, according to police.

Itturrey said Ulloa kept returning and changing his story, so he called police.

Luckily for Arnoux, the police made an easy arrest. Stanley is still awaiting the return of his beloved ring, but is happy about the arrest.

Club LIV has been in the sports news quite a bit lately. The Dallas Mavericks partied there Sunday night after winning the NBA championship. Maverick owner Mark Cuban purchased a $90,000 bottle of champagne, then left a $20,000 tip. Several months ago, LeBron James' Mother was caught on surveillance video throwing a punch at a valet worker. She was ridiculed for it, but maybe she had good reason. Could there have been some bling missing from her vehicle?

Note to all, if you got to Club LIV in Miami, take a cab.