If the South Alabama Jaguars are going to compete for the Sun Belt Conference softball title in 2018, on of the keys may be a transfer, who has ability, but has yet to develop consistency.

Pitcher Alexis Reid, a transfer from Kansas, could be a pivotal piece, if South Alabama is going to surpass Louisiana, Texas St., and Georgia St. atop the conference standings this year.

Reid, who has two seasons of eligibility remaining at South Alabama, went 14-19 with a 3.19 ERA last season at Kansas, after going 5-6 with a 3.88 ERA. as a freshman in 2016.

Now, are those statistics very good? No. But Reid is a talent.

Coming out of Blue Springs High School in Blue Springs, Mo., Reid was recruited by Florida, Florida State, Oklahoma, Minnesota and Texas A&M, among others, before signing with Kansas.

And while her stats leave a little to be desired, Reid has had her moments. She beat Oklahoma as a freshman, and began last season 6-1, with a 0.11 ERA through seven starts.

Her issue has been consistency, something she might develop at South Alabama.

The Jaguars have always had a program that has relied on pitching, and playing under head coach Becky Clark and pitching coach Hannah Campbell, there's reason to believe Reid can flourish.

Two other things are working in Reid's favor.

First, Devin Brown is going to be the staff ace for South Alabama, so Reid won't have to carry the load like she was expected to do at Kansas last year. that can make a big difference.

Second, Reid, along with her sister, Brittani. both transferred from Kansas to USA, which will make Alexis' transition easier.

So, Reid is a talented pitcher, who has yet to reach her potential, who is going to a good program that normally has good pitching, where she is not expected to carry the load, only help with it.

Seems to me like Reid and South Alabama could be exactly what each other needs.

Even with the likes of Aleah Craighton, DJ Sanders, and Alyssa Denham transferring, Louisiana is still the team to beat in the conference.

Texas St. with the returning Randi Rupp, would be my pick, right now, as the Cajuns' biggest threat.

But if Reid comes into her own, and is as good as I believe she can be, then South Alabama is going to be right in the thick of things.

I think Reid will make the Jaguars better. Just how much, remains to be seen.