So, I’ve been thinking…..

I think my heart is hurting for Blaine Gautier.  Kid has worked hard.  Really hard.  Good student.  Waited his turn.  Performed at a high level.  Ready for a stellar finish.  Now this.  Deserved better.  Will persevere.

I think Terrance Broadway will do a great job as the Cajuns quarterback.

I think when a Conference Commissioner stands up at a press conference and the first thing he does is give out his cell number, it means he’s got nothing to hide.

I think I like Karl Benson.  A lot.

I think being at a game is better than watching or listening to it.

I think I realized that when the Cajuns played Oklahoma State.

I think WKU’s Willie Taggart is getting what he deserves.

I think WKU is still a basketball school.

I think eventually that’s going to cost them Willie Taggart.

I think Karl Benson was right in suspending the kid from Arkansas State regardless of what they think in Arkansas.

I think the only ones who disagree with that are from Arkansas.

I think Middle Tennessee just sent a statement that you undervalue the Sun Belt at your own risk.

I think St. Thomas More made a statement on Friday as well.

I think STM at Teurlings is gonna be really, really special this Friday.

I think Brett Baer is a stud.

I think my season prediction for the Cajuns has a pretty good chance to be wrong.

I think it’s still too early to say my season prediction for the Cajuns is going to be wrong.

I think I’m going to miss boudin and cracklins.

I think I already miss boudin and cracklins.

I think Whataburger in Texas tastes better than Whataburger in Louisiana.

I think Meche's Donuts kicks butt.

I think it's amazing that so many people really care what I have to say in 140 characters or less.

I think if you don't know what that means, you're somewhat out of touch.

I think ULM’s Kolton Browning is the toughest player in the Sun Belt Conference.

I think Browning reminds me of Michael Desormeaux.

I think that’s a compliment.

I think, this year, Conference USA looks a lot like the Sun Belt, ten years ago.

I think, if you’re Conference USA, that’s not a good thing.

I think, so far, Zach Mettenberger is about the fourth best college quarterback in Louisiana.

I think he’s gotta play better if LSU is going to have a chance.

I think, so far, Alabama is #1.

I think, so far, there is no #2.

I think the Cajuns got it right when they hired Bob Marlin.

I think because of the attrition, the plan for men’s basketball got pushed back at least a year.

I think Lynn and Lyle Williams have done a great job carrying on “Blackjack” Landry’s legacy.

I think anyone who questions the statue to honor “Blackjack” Landry is an ignorant dumbass.

I think Scott Farmer is a good AD.

I think he’d be better if athletics wasn’t so woefully understaffed.

I think Blackham Coliseum needs to be torn down, and a new basketball arena needs to be built there.

I think that needs to be in the master plan for athletics at UL.

I think that’s wishful thinking on my part.

I think a World Series between the Orioles and Nationals would be outrageously fun.

I think the Giants are good enough to win the World Series.

I think I wouldn’t like that very much.

I think the Sun Belt is fine with ten schools for football and twelve overall.

I think the Sun Belt should not expand further unless they lose someone.

I think Carl Pellini has a shot to turn things around at FAU.

I think very few people in Boca Raton will notice.

I think if Louisiana Tech beats Texas A&M, they’re going to go undefeated.

I think  even if that happens, they’ll get less national pub than ULM did for losing to Auburn and Baylor.

I think Charles Tillman has been a great representative for our university.

I think I’m excited Charles Tillman is being inducted into the UL Hall of Fame this weekend.

I think Anna Petrakova should get into the Hall of Fame next year.

I think we’ve learned that in the NFL, coaching matters.

I think going into the hospital expecting a heart bypass and leaving without a gall bladder is a victory.

I think I’m blessed.