Here are the Top-10 signs you have entered the state of Lousiana while traveling.

We've all been there, you're in your vehicle and the minute you cross the state line you notice that you're back in Louisiana.

See if you can relate to any of these.


  • Animals On Roadway

    Upon entering the state of Louisiana you cant help but notice animals all over the road. Whether its deer, rodents, or seafood, there are everywhere. And yes that includes  "roadkill."

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  • Tall Grass Along Highway

    This drives me crazy when entering Louisiana. Why is the grass always so tall along the highway in the state of Louisiana. Its not only ugly, its embarrassing. Recently while traveling toward north Louisiana the grass was so tall on in the median on I-49 I couldn't see the other side of the interstate. Oh, Louisiana!!

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  • Insects On Your Windshield

    Have you noticed how many bugs and insects we have in Louisiana? The minute you cross the state line all that you hear or see are the bugs splattering on your windshield. And yes, its a mess. I've never had to clean or wipe off my windshield any more than when in Louisiana.

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  • Speciality Meat Shops

    If you're traveling I-10 you see them. Specialty meat shops are everywhere, especially as you approach Lafayette. How many times have you gone to a specialty meat store in Scott and seen vehicles with out of state license plates? For me, ALWAYS!! You know you back in Louisiana when you see boudin, boudin balls, and cracklins.

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  • Closed Weigh Stations

    Why are most, not all, weigh stations closed in Louisiana? You often see the "Closed" sign as you approach them and semi-trucks just roll past them. Not to mention, most of the weigh stations in the state of Louisiana look dated and very weathered.

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  • Billboards For Attorneys

    Its the ongoing joke around here, how many more attorney billboards can we put up in the state of Louisiana? The minute you enter the state of Louisiana all that you see along the highway are billboards for personal injury attorneys. And may I ask, how do these attorneys get such "catchy" phone numbers? They have littered the roadways of Louisiana.

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  • Tractors On The Roadway

    How many times have you gotten stuck behind a tractor in Louisiana? Sure, they may not always be on the major roadways or highways, but they're out there. Is there anything worse than getting behind a huge tractor and not being able to pass it? Oh well, farmers have work to do too!

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  • Drive Thru Liquor Establishments

    If you're from Louisiana you can't be mad at this one. So many people who visit our great state are stoked about being able to purchase alcohol and not get out of your vehicle. Yes, it's a connivence for us. Still, some don't get it. But as soon as you see that drive thru sign, you know you are in Louisiana!

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  • Adult Entertainment Stores

    Sure, other states may have these stores that are geared towards "adult entertainment" too, but boy do we have a lot of these type stores along the highways here. Adult entertainment stores alongside the highway is a sign you're in Louisiana. And there's always cars there LATE at night!! Have you noticed? Hmmmmmm

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  • Bad Roads

    This is the most noticeable sign you're back in Louisiana. It doesn't matter if you're driving in from Texas, Arkansas, or Mississippi, the minute you enter the state of Louisiana the roads are TERRIBLE! Why are the roads so rough here? Wait, don't answer that, we know. And if it's not the potholes you're dogging, you're sitting in construction. Guess you can't have the best of both worlds, right?

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