It wasn't long after the end of a great football game that I started reading about what fans felt about Richard Sherman's comments to Fox Sports' Erin Andrews postgame.

Sherman tipped a pass by San Francisco's Colin Kaepernick that was intended for the 49'ers' wide receiver Michael Crabtree.  The pass was intercepted by linebacker Malcolm Smith which sealed the Seattle victory, 23-17.

Like it or not, Sherman got plenty of publicity this season.  The outspoken defensive back led the NFL in interceptions with eight.  He showed on the field that, as he said afterward, he's (arguably) the best corner in the game.

But the comments came raining down.  Most called the outburst "classless."  Others called it "the reason I'll be rooting for Denver."  "Typical Pete Carroll player," said another.  One even suggested Sherman be suspended from the Super Bowl.


I'm an old school, score a touchdown and hand the ball to the official kind of guy.  I wasn't enamored with Sherman's comments, either.  But there are many players in professional sports who love to remind people they are the best.

Especially if they get called out the week prior to the game.

Most folks don't know, or have chosen to ignore the fact Crabtree wasn't very complimentary toward Sherman, and while he didn't use any buzzwords, the message was clear Crabtree felt Sherman was somewhat overrated.

Well, if you're outspoken to begin with and someone disses you, won't you have a little chip on your shoulder if you make the game-winning play?

It should also be noted that Kaepernick rarely targeted Sherman during the game, which is why his statistics didn't show much.  Instead, the 'Niners picked on teammate Byron Maxwell.

No....I really didn't like Sherman's comments.  They were a bit over the top.  But I understand why he made them.

Time to move on.