Shaq was a monster on the court, but his son, Shareef O'Neal, is a 6'8" high school freshman that has some skills his pops could never pull off.

Have you ever seen Shaq cross someone over and kiss a finger roll off the glass? Shareef can do that. Ever seen Shaq toss a no look pass or a three-quarter length outlet? Shareef can do that too? Three point get the point.

When you're the son of a bona fide superstar, the microscope is on you from birth. We see LeBron's sons on commercials, and some clips have come over the internet too. Things get different when they reach high school though, and Shaq's son is sure to warrant some attention after this highlight reel. You can already see his bio on MaxPreps, and Windward High School is probably going to win a few games with him there...just a few.

While Dad is Shaqtin' a Fool on TNT, his son is ballin' out on the court. Think he would wear purple and gold too?