Shaquille O'Neal recently retired from the NBA, inked a broadcasting deal with Turner sports, and plans to get his PhD soon. Despite retirement, Shaq has been keeping busy. Now his lawyers will be busy, as O'Neal has been sued by a record producer and former gang member who alleges he was kidnapped by a gang looking for an alleged Shaquille O'Neal sex tape.

Robert Ross, the accuser, has made some other wild and bizarre claims about O'Neal. Shaq's lawyer has denied the outrageous claims, stating they were "outlandish" and "pure fiction."

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Ross has said in court testimony and in statements to law enforcement that he never had a sex tape of O'Neal, and that he lied about the tape in an attempt to get the money he thought he was owed from the record deal. The lawsuit also contains wild allegations that over the course of their friendship, the basketball star asked Ross to kill a woman he had impregnated, kill a record producer, kill a gang member who had disrespected him and to break an NBA player's shooting arm.

Um, yeah. Like Shaq's lawyer said, "outlandish." I don't think O'Neal has much to worry about. The fact that some of the claims are so over the top, and all of the claims are coming from a former gang member, the "Big Aristotle" should be able to distance himself from radical accustions of murder and arm breaking with relative ease.