FIFA President Sepp Blatter can finally pat himself on the back for helping the international futbol resigning.

Less than a week after being elected to his fifth straight term as FIFA President, the most repugnant man in the sports world stepped down amidst a sea of controversy. Nine FIFA officials were arrested on charges of racketeering and corruption. The FBI was digging into international matters. The United States and the FBI refuse to say Blatter was a target of their investigations, but no matter the heat or where it was applied from, lovers of the "beautiful game" breathed a sigh of relief seeing him step down.

What could possibly have turned such an about face after saying comments like this only a few days ago?

"For the next four years I will be in command of this boat called FIFA," Blatter said upon re-election, "We will bring it back off shore."

Off shore? Under Blatter's reign, the world of international soccer not only found itself off shore but lost in an open ocean of moral filth and financial greed. It's almost sweet, as a follower of the game, to see the man who called himself the "president of everybody" fall out of favor in such a rapid, unexpected fashion. What does that mean for the near future though?

An emergency committee was called to choose his replacement, but it will still take months to solidify the process. Even after being formally replaced, Blatter will still recede into the shadows and continue his efforts to turn the countries involved in FIFA into money marionettes. FIFA still stands by the next two World Cups in Russia and Qatar. For now, this is a victory. Hopefully, the next head of the biggest game in the world will handle the burden with responsibility, not arrogance.

After years of watching the most beautiful ship in the international seas start to sink, people all around the world can rejoice to see the captain who tried to take it to the murky depths walk the plank. We all better hope the replacement is sharp and ruthless enough to clean out the mess under the decks.