There was a recent ranking that I came across of all 32 NFL head coaches from (click the link to see where they all rank).

I know at the beginning of last season when the New Orleans Saints were 0-2 and had gotten blown out by the Minnesota Vikings and the New England Patriots in respective weeks there was panic. People around the state of Louisiana where wondering if Drew Brees should maybe be traded and Sean Payton fired? Ultimately, the Saints pulled it together and finished the season strong under Payton, one of their best in four years.

This list ranks Payton seventh. While I have no problem with him being top 10, I do have a problem with some of the head coaches they placed ahead of him.

First off, lets look at who is sixth: Doug Pederson-Philadelphia Eagles

Now, I don't deny Pederson has been good in two seasons with the Eagles and was a factor in holding the team together through losing their MVP caliber quarterback in Carson Wentz. However, Sean Payton has a Super Bowl to his credit as well and has been at it as a head coach much longer than Pederson has. Pederson has the potential to be a very good head coach for a long time in this league, much like Payton has but I can't put him ahead of Sean here.

Second, here's who is fifth: Sean McVay-Los Angeles Rams

Now we really need to slow our roll putting Sean McVay ahead of Payton. I know it's a "what have you done for me lately" type of league and McVay just won the 2017 Coach of the Year award but don't forget Mr. Payton has one of those as well (2006). This was McVay's first season as a head coach and he's the young gun who has seemed to turn around and get through to Jared Goff but after one season he's a top 5 coach in this league? Give me a break.

Ultimately, I would probably rank Sean Payton fourth (over Mike Zimmer) or fifth. Either way I'd have him ahead of both Pederson and McVay.


What do you think of the list? Where would you rank Sean Payton? Let me know in the comments or on any of my various social media outlets.

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