New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton was a little upset at himself on Wednesday, following an ESPN interview he did on Tuesday.

Payton referred to himself as a "big dummy".

Payton was upset with himself for his words during "Get Up" on ESPN, where he addressed the team's quarterback situation and the new contract for Drew Brees, in which he said that the 41-year old quarterback was "coming back for his final season."

On Wednesday, Payton clarified what he meant, saying that he "honestly doesn't know if it's his (Bress) last year. I think the thing he's done, and we've all done, is taken it year-by-year,"

Taking full blame, Payton said what he meant to say about Brees was; "Hey, he's back again for another year."

Oh well, there are worse things one could refer to themselves as. Fred Sanford used to call Lamont a "big dummy" all the time.