Last weekend, I logged onto Facebook and found a video of my friend, Vladeric in Massachusetts, nominating me for the "Ice Bucket" challenge.

I was somewhat puzzled as his two daughters (one of which is my god-daughter) poured giants bags of ice into a huge bucket. He then challenged me (and six other friends) to partake in the "Ice Bucket" challenge to help with ALS research. I laughed as he poured the bucket of ice onto himself.

After doing some research on the worldwide web, I noticed that the "Ice Bucket" challenge was beginning to spread across the internet like a wildfire. By Monday, no one could log into Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram without seeing their friends pouring buckets of ice onto themselves....and pledging donations for ALS research.

Pete Frates, a Boston College baseball player who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease in 2012, began the viral movement. Saints legend Steve Gleason, an ALS patient who has helped raise the awareness of ALS to new heights, underwent the "Ice Bucket" challenge. His former teammate Scott Fujita did the same and nominated NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Goodell took the plunge and nominated several more.

As you can see, the movement is growing, with no signs of slowing down. According to the ALS associaton, half of America doesn't know what the disease is. (Learn more here)

So, I accepted Vladeric's challenge, and with the help of Ragin' Cajun offensive lineman Octravian Anderson and punter Daniel Cadona, took the "Ice Bucket" challenge to the football field.

I nominate Louisiana Ragin' Cajun head football coach Mark Hudspeth for the "Ice Bucket" challenge. We look forward to seeing you take the plunge, coach.