Expectations were high heading into the 2016 season for Ragin' Cajuns Cornerback Savion Brown. He was supposed to be their shutdown corner, but Head Coach Mark Hudspeth might be shutting down Brown's career as a Cajun.

The preseason All-Sun Belt performer wasn't with the team against South Alabama, and Coach Hudspeth confirmed that Brown was suspended indefinitely for "conduct unbecoming of a Ragin' Cajun." Hud didn't give any more details about Brown's transgression, but it sounded serious.

Typically, with an indefinite suspension, players have a chance to prove their worth and make it back on the team. The chances of that happening in this situation seem slim.

When asked whether Brown could rejoin the team at a later date, Hudspeth responded quickly and firmly, "As of now, no."

That doesn't necessarily mean Brown is kicked off the team. It just means Brown's indefinite suspension will remain indefinite.

If Brown doesn't prove to the coaching staff he learned from his mistake, this could be the end of his career as a member of the Ragin' Cajuns. No defensive coach wants to lose a 6'2"-200 lb cornerback from their secondary, but this decision sounded definitive.

Hopefully, Brown straightens up and flies right. He might still have a chance to play football, just probably not in the vermilion and white.