The same birthday card has been going back-and-forth between two cousins in Louisiana for over 40 years, and this year it made it to Alaska.

Y'all remember Debbie Ray, right? She is a broadcast legend in South Louisiana and, after retiring last year, made the drive to Alaska to open a B&B.

Back sometime in the 1970s, Debbie Ray sent her cousin a birthday card that read "Happy Birthday to a Good-Looking Relative".

Inside the card, the message was a cute one: "Save this card. You can send it to me on my birthday!"

photo by Debbie Ray

Debbie Ray sent the card to her cousin Johnny at some point in the 1970s, and Johnny did his part: he saved it to send it back to her on her birthday. It has now been going back-and-forth, every year, ever since. Kudos to Johnny for getting the card to her ON HER BIRTHDAY. I don't know if Johnny strategically planned for it to arrive on her birthday, or if he just lucked out (if I were you, Johnny, I'd tell people that you planned it that way).

Anyway, in a time of what seems like mostly negative news, I found this story to be refreshing. Maybe it will be an inspiration for someone else to start a great family tradition that can last.

By the way: we miss you, Debbie Ray!


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