A day after losing Ben Watson to the Ravens, the Saints signed tight end Coby Fleener to a five year deal worth $36 million.

Fleener came into the league with his college quarterback, Andrew Luck, but the combination never really lived up to the lofty expectations. He's known more as a pass catcher, hauling in 183 catches and 17 touchdowns in his four years in Indianapolis. At the age of 27, he's a lot younger than the 35 year old Watson, but he will be expected to perform making more than seven million a year.

We knew the Saints were going to pull the trigger on a free agent, but who saw this coming? Probably even Adam Schefter (who broke the story, of course) was caught off guard.

Here's your new pass-catching tight end, Who Dat Nation. At very least, he sounds happy to be in New Orleans.

(from @Coby on Twitter)

If the Saints can get Fleener to play like he did in 2014 (774 yards, 8 TD's), they replace Watson's production from last year (825 yards, 6 TD's). The main cause for concern was his dip in numbers last season (491 yards, 3 TD's), and health wasn't a factor.

He's a second round draft pick who still has the potential to play like one for the Saints. Some fans might have expected Mickey Loomis and company to replace Watson at a cheaper price, but they better get comfortable with Fleener. He'll be here for the next five years.