The New Orleans Saints lost their fourth game of the season on Thursday night at the hands of the Atlanta Falcons, 20-17.

During the loss, Saints Head Coach Sean Payton was visibly frustrated by injuries, penalties, and a number of other on-field occurrences. Late in the game Payton was called for a penalty while he was attempting to get the attention of an official in order to call a timeout. The flag cost the Saints an opportunity to get the ball back, as a result the Falcons picked up a first down and the ability to salt away the remainder of the game clock.

Now, according to Tom Pelissaro of NFL Media, the league is looking into whether or not Sean Payton "crossed the line" with his on-field behavior and regardless a fine could be immanent.

In addition to the actions of coach Payton vigorously trying to get the attention of an official, in which I'm sure he utilized a couple magic words that induced the flag, he added a little something extra. Payton was also seen on the sidelines gesturing towards the Atlanta sideline the "choke" sign with his hands around his neck and probably shouting more of those magic words mentioned earlier.

Afterwards, in an article by's Josh Katzenstein, Payton said he didn't recall the action that was so elegantly captured on video. But one of the Falcons certainly saw it, running back Devonta Freeman said, "I saw it, that man don't know nothing about choking. He ain't from where I'm from. He don't know about choking. He's a good competitor so the (competitiveness) probably came out, but we don't let that bother me. He don't know nothing about choking."

Freeman's right on two fronts, the competitiveness probably got the best of Sean Payton and the Falcons do know a little something about choking. However, Thursday night it was Drew Brees and the Saints who choked away a victory late with the Brees interception....


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