The New Orleans Saints were idle, resting, getting away from football and healing up on their bye week last week. However, that couldn't damage their stranglehold within the top five of the NFL top performing teams.

Last week the Saints ranked fourth and this week they've stayed steady at four in the latest ESPN NFL Power Rankings.

The Top Five is as so:

  1. Los Angeles Rams (6-0) Steady at 1
  2. New England Patriots (4-2) Up one from 3
  3. Kansas City Chiefs (5-1) Down one to 3
  4. New Orleans Saints (4-1) Steady at 4
  5. Baltimore Ravens (4-2) Up five from 10

Holy Baltimore Ravens making the quantum leap from 10 to five this week in the latest power rankings and I don't think it's a surprise to anyone that the Patriots have leapfrogged the Chiefs after their win on Sunday night.

A couple teams who made big leaps were the Los Angeles Chargers who went from 14 to eight this week with a dominating win over the Cleveland Browns. On the other side of the coin, the Jacksonville Jaguars made a big move in the wrong direction as they fell from fifth to 11th after losing in embarrassing fashion to the Dallas Cowboys

The Saints are coming off their bye this week and open up the second half of their season with an extremely tough schedule and it starts this weekend on the road with the Baltimore Ravens.


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