Who was the whistleblower of "bountygate?" That's the question Saints fans have pondered since the news of "bountygate" broke. It appears we have the answer.

According to author Alan Donnes, former defensive quality control coach Mike Cerullo (picutred left) is the whistleblower. Donnes wrote the book Patron Saints and has covered the team for years.

In a radio interview with America's Radio News Network, Donnes explained that Cerullo became disgruntled after being let go by the Saints following the 2009 season. Cerullo blamed Gregg Williams and Sean Payton for his inability to find work after his exit from New Orleans.

"He believed that it was Gregg Williams and Sean Payton and others in that organization were blocking him from getting other work. To the best of my sources I have and everybody has, we all have that name," Donnes explained to a national audience. "The Saints, we believe, have not been told to confirm anything and they probably wouldn't. But it's Mike Cerullo and he is an assistant coach at the University of Connecticut."

Donnes doesn't sound like a man who is doubtful.

This is the first Saints fans have heard of Mike Cerullo. Donnes claimed he wanted to share who the snitch was because of the fallacious reports that former Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey was the whistleblower.

"It was not Jeremy Shockey that was completely erroneous," said Donnes in his interview. "There were a whole lot of rumors who did it. Even in New Orleans, they were naming lower level players but I'd bet my checking account, which isn't very much, that it was Mike Cerullo."

To be completely fair, Donnes isn't an investigative sports reporter. He's an author that covers the Saints. I guess it comes down to how much you believe Donnes.

But again, Donnes doesn't sound like a man who is doubtful. I'd bet my checking account on that.

Don't believe me? Click here to listen to the entire radio interview of Donnes revealing Cerullo as the snitch.