I challenged Ragin' Cajun softball pitcher Jordan Wallace and succeeded failed. Ryan Baniewicz called me out on the air, so I had to step up and dominate get smoked. The one benefit to Ryan's open challenge was that if I tried to hit off Wallace, he'd accept any challenge I threw his way.

Ragin' Cajun freshmen pitcher Reagan Bazar's fast ball has been clocked at 100 MPH, almost as fast as Ryan's trash talking. This seemed like the perfect challenge for Ryan, who likes to remind me that he played high school baseball.

How'd he do? Check it out.

You've got to give Ryan credit. While he didn't get a hit, he stayed in the batter's box, just like me and hung in there.

Thanks to Sam Stokes for producing and editing this video.

Ryan and I failed both of our sports challenges. Is there something else you'd like us to try. Perhaps there's another test we can master fail. We're open to all ideas.

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