The Seattle Seahawks went ahead and extended Russell Wilson a four year deal worth $87.6 million, but did they make the right choice for their future?

After leading the Seahawks to two Super Bowls in his three years as a starting quarterback, Wilson will bank $60 million in guaranteed money for his leadership and execution. It's hard to nitpick whenever one of the nicest guys in the league gets what he deserves financially, but Seattle could be handcuffing itself a bit.

Joe Flacco earned his massive contract after leading the Ravens to the Super Bowl, but then key pieces of their defense and supporting cast had to go without extensions. Will the same happen to Kam Chancellor and other important cogs on the Seahawks' roster? The core of their offense will be preserved after extending Marshawn Lynch for another two years as well, but somethings has to give in terms of salary cap.

Seattle said goodbye to current Saints cornerback and former Patriot Brandon Browner after winning a Super Bowl, so we've seen them make the tough decisions before.

This contract will set Wilson and his family up for a safe future. Again, there isn't a single thing he's done on or off the field that could raise a question as to why he earned this money. It still doesn't mean the commitment from the franchise won't impede on its ability to preserve the roster makeup that got them to the two Super Bowls he played in. His low salary allowed them to stack the roster at other positions, and now they have less wiggle room for a supporting cast.

Putting football and future planning aside, congratulations to Wilson and his family. That's a chunk of dough, and he doesn't seem to be the type to irresponsibly spend it on a couple Ferrari's.