This is video of Oklahoma City Thunder star guard Russell Westbrook blocking a halfcourt shot by "Rocky", the mascot of the Denver Nuggets.

Westbrook apparently had so much fun, he decided to do it again.

It happened in a 121-118 overtime win by the Nuggets on Sunday night.

During a timeout, “Rocky” delivered shot one of his special shots, over his head, from halfcourt, when Westbrook decided to jump up and ruin the fun, by goaltending the shot.

Westbrook got booed by the Denver, but some might have found what he did funny. Keep in mind though, that nothing was on the line in "Rocky's" first attempt.

That wasn't the case on his second attempt however, as "Rocky" was gunning for free queso for the crowd.

The shot looked like it had a chance to go in, but Westbrook did it again, goaltending the shot, and denying the fans their queso.

Shouldn't goaltending mean that the basket should count?

Oh well, the Denver crowd didn't get queso, but the Nuggets did win the game, and Westbrook looks like he's a guy who can't play nice.