The Seattle Mariners were dealt a blow when their All-Star second baseman, Robinson Cano, broke his hand after getting hit by a pitch last week and now he'll be gone for a longer period of time. It's being reported and now confirmed that Cano has violated Major League Baseball's joint drug agreement and has been suspended for 80 games.

This was first reported by Hector Gomez, a reporter in the Dominican Republic, and has now been confirmed via Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic.

Robbie Cano, say it ain't so...

The suspension won't begin until he returns from the disabled list from the broken hand. The Mariners are 23-17 this year, if they were to make the post-season he would not be eligible to play.

Cano is 35 years young and has had an impressive career up until this point but how will this suspension affect him moving forward and potentially getting into the Hall of Fame? Only time will tell.

However, Cano has released a statement accepting responsibility for the banned substance he took to treat a medical ailment:

According to WebMD, this is what Furosemide is used for:

"Furosemide is used to reduce extra fluid in the body (edema) caused by conditions such as heart failureliver disease, and kidney disease. This can lessen symptoms such as shortness of breath and swelling in your arms, legs, and abdomen.

This drug is also used to treat high blood pressure. Lowering high blood pressure helps prevent strokes, heart attacks, and kidney problems.

Furosemide is a "water pill" (diuretic) that causes you to make more urine. This helps your body get rid of extra water and salt."

The most interesting part of this description is the final sentence, which makes it seem like this drug was potentially a masking agent for something else Cano could have been taking.


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