Free agent shooting guard Lance Stephenson turned 26 on Monday, still unsure of where he'd play basketball next season.

He now knows, as Stephen has reportedly agreed to a one-year deal with the New Orleans Pelicans.

Pelicans point guard Jrue Holiday won't be available for an undisclosed amount of time as he cares for his pregnant wife who is set to have brain surgery to remove a tumor 6 weeks after the birth of their child, who is due in mid October.

New Orleans combo guard Tyreke Evans is unhealthy (knee), and is likely to be unavailable for an undisclosed amount of time.

In need of guard help and defense, the Pelicans have elected to bring in Stephenson,who can create offense off the dribble.

Just two years prior, the thought of Stephenson being a free agent in September was at best, a stretch.

Coming off a 2013-14 season in Indiana, his third in the league, Stephenson emerged as playmaker on both sides of the ball, channeling his aggressive nature to a positive outcome.

He's always been a personality risk, making teammates and opponents uneasy about what he'll do next.

Stephenson got into a fight at practice in 2014 with his teammate at the time Evan Turner.

When offered a 5 year, $44 million deal by Indiana, he spurned the offer, electing to a sign a three-year, $27 million deal from Charlotte because it was worth more money per year.

After one season in Charlotte, he was traded to the LA Clippers, who then traded him to Memphis halfway through the season.

Stephenson was arrested for third-degree assault after allegedly shoving his girlfriend down stairs, but the case was eventually dismissed, and the charges dropped.

Terms of Stephenson's one-year deal are currently unavailable, though the Pelicans already have 15 other players with guaranteed deals, meaning Stephenson will have to earn his way on the regular season roster in training camp and the preseason.

If Stephenson remains on the team when the season begins, New Orleans would have to trade or waive a current player, eating their contract in the process.