Heading into Monday night, the NFL continued to feed the public absurd comments on how admirable of a job the replacement officials were doing. Stay tuned for another idiotic vote of confidence from the league after the debacle at the end of Monday night football.

In case you missed it, on the final play of the game, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson threw to the corner of the end zone from 45 yards away. Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate blatanly pushed Green Bay Packers defender Sam Shields in the back before the ball arrived (no offensive pass interference was called). Packers safety M.D. Jennings appeared to intercept the pass, trapping it against his chest. Tate, who was lying under Jennings, had one arm wrappedaround him with his hand on the ball. While one official signaled a touchback (meaning he ruled it an interception), another replacement official signaled touchdown, setting off pandomonium from the sellout crowd at CenturyLink Field.

To make matters worse, the play was reviewed. With an opportunity to right their wrong, the replacements did not overturn the call.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was naturally disgruntled after his team's "loss."

"It was awful. Just look at the replay," explained last year's NFL MVP. "And the fact that it was reviewed. It's awful, that's all I'm going to say about it."

Does Rodgers expect any punishment from the hypocritical league office for his comments?

"I'll probably get fined by the time tomorrow hits."

He's only saying what the majority of the world is thinking. Yet, he has to write a check because of it.

Will this be the tipping point in the league negotiations with the locked out officials?

The NFL needs to write the locked out officials a check, and soon.