This is classic Tony Robichaux.

This is an old episode of "The Cheap Seats", from 2016, with our old friend, Ryan Baniewicz, where he sat down and talked to Coach Robe, getting his thoughts on what in takes to become a man.

After suffering a heart attack on June 23, followed by two subsequent surgeries, Robichaux passed away on Wednesday, July 3rd, at the age of 57.

He was laid to rest on Monday.

Robichaux, who accumulated more than 1,100 career victories, including more than 900 at Louisiana, was a head coach for 32 years, including 25 at UL, and 7 more at McNeese St.

These clips give some examples of why Robichaux was so much more than a baseball coach; he also taught us so much about life

These clips also remind us why, while he'll be so sorely missed; why his teachings, and his memory will live on forever.