This week's episode of Ragin' Cajuns Tailgate TV, brought to you by Academy and Service Chevrolet Cadillac, is a friendly reminder to drink responsibly.

With the South Alabama Jaguars in town for the first Sun Belt Conference game, Cajun Nation stepped their game up. For the first time in three years doing Tailgate TV, I came across an ice luge.

This isn't the type of ice luge you see at the Winter Olympics. Nobody is sliding down the ice. On the contrary, alcohol comes sliding down to you.

People find creative ways to drink. Whether it's beer pong, flip cup, quarters or any other variety of drinking games, I've pretty much seen everything walking around the UL tailgating area. This was a first, and it was awesome. Not only did they have an ice luge, they had a dueling ice luge.

It was enough to earn the $100 gift card to Academy (even though they told me the ice luge cost more than that)...again, drink responsibly.

"The Gentlemen's Club" always drinks responsibly, and they take their beer pong very seriously.

I figured guys that drink so much beer might have to make a trip or two to the store, so I hooked them up with a backpack cooler from Service Chevrolet Cadillac. It makes it a lot easier to carry that golden liquid back to the tailgate if the bag has straps. It's a long season, and they're going to need that arm strength to toss more ping-pong balls into red Solo cups.

This wasn't just a drinking edition of Tailgate TV either. It also turned into an episode of Man vs Food, starring me.

Four straight tailgates fed me right out of the gates. Within the course of two hours, I ate chicken wings, two different jambalayas, pastalaya, smothered potatoes with smoked sausage, a meatball slider, two cookies...and a fried catfish filet. Now you know why I love Cajun Nation so much.

Three straight weeks of home games spoiled me. I'm going to feel lonely without all the Ragin' Cajun fans around me, but I WILL be going to New Orleans. That only leaves one option: let's party in the Crescent City. Go beat Tulane, then find me in the bar...or in the streets.