The Ragin' Cajuns will host a regional at Lamson Park after being awarded the thirteen seed in college softball's postseason, and they could see familiar faces.

Baylor (38-14), who the Cajuns swept earlier this year, will make their way to Lafayette along with Mississippi State (35-19). The winner of that matchup will await the Cajuns, if they can advance past their first round opponent, Weber State (38-17), Friday at 8:00 pm. Things could get more interesting in the later rounds though.

As long as we're walking down the hypothetical path, why not see where it leads? There is a chance that the Cajuns could see the South Alabama Jaguars again, after seeing them steal the Sun Belt Tournament Trophy right out from underneath them. It would take the Jags claiming the regional in Auburn and the Cajuns handling their business as well, but it certainly could lead to a series that fans would drool over.

Sun Belt Player of the Year and destroyer of softballs, Lexie Elkins, is going into the postseason with the same mindset at always. Just show her the opponent.

Elkins is one of only four Cajuns to repeat as Sun Belt Player of the Year in back to back seasons, and they will need her bat to stay hot for a long postseason run.

They will also need the young players to step up and play above their chronological age, and Hayley Hayden is doing that already. After moving from the outfield to the infield this season, her presence at 2nd base and at the top of the lineup have been nothing but essential to the Cajuns' success. Also, she shares the same mentality as Elkins: a scary one to opposing pitchers.

Hayden and Elkins didn't bite on the South Alabama bait, but they did speak their minds about the road ahead.