Cajun Nation was back out for the Akron game, and that meant I was out trying to find a party in the parking lot for Ragin' Cajun Tailgate TV.

Hampton Toyota hooked me up with a sweet Toyota Tundra for this week, and I pulled some ribs off the grill and went searching for fun. A man can't go tailgating without some meat off the grill to get him started, or at least I can't.

The student section needed to get some love after their turnout against Northwestern State. Their environment changed and moved locations a little bit, so how are they coping?  I caught up with a couple of the most Ragin' of Cajuns the student population had to offer, and they did not disappoint. With college kids in full on party mode, best to proceed with care. I even caught up with one guy who was fully prepared in safety gear...and a hard hat.

This week also brought about my first interaction with the Delcambre Mafia. No, they didn't give me cement shoes. They're not that type of mafia. They're a group of buddies that have been together for the last 15 years, and they're some smooth cats.

Speaking of smooth cats, Ragin' Cajun Athletic Director Scott Farmer and the voice of the Ragin' Cajuns, Jay Walker, made an appearance this week. Farmer put me in charge of the weather (a task I take seriously), and Jay was just happy he was able to eat at nine different places. If you see Jay at the next tailgate, offer him some spare buttons. His pants are probably going to bust if he keeps eating like that.

The $100 gift card to Academy Sports and Outdoor went to the only tailgate with a live musician. The folks enjoyed some sweet tunes on the guitar, and they got to take home a little something for their creativity. Come up with something special, and you could take home the $100  gift card next home game.

Last but not least, I had to catch up with a future Cajun. This little one has the champion's spirit, so much so that Coach Hudspeth better look out. There's a baby out there that doesn't just want a piece of him, he wants the whole thing.

I left stuffed, smiling and a little sweaty: proof that I tailgated properly. Just think, next time we meet at the tailgate, it might be gumbo weather...see you there. I can already taste it.