The Cajuns took it to Texas State, and the tailgating was turned up on Saturday. This week, Cajun Nation showed me its hospitality.

On top of getting fed fajitas, chocolate treats, burgers, and all types of teases for what will be on the menu for homecoming, I caught up with one of the more famous tailgates surrounding Cajun Field. Walking in and out of Cajun Field's Northeast exit, tailgaters are welcome to stop by the Pepper Squad's tent for a tasty meal...even the away team. Now that's Cajun hospitality.

For giving out-of-towners a taste of the best cooking in the country, the Pepper Squad earned the $100 gift card to Academy Sports & Outdoor. It was a very happy 40th birthday for Pepper Squad member Kasey Broussard, who decided to hold on to the card herself for safe keeping.

They even let me sign their "Banner Of Fame"  right next to Coach Hud, Joe Savoie, and current and former players. I have to admit, I felt a little special.

After hopping out of my beatiful truck from Hampton Toyota, I made friends with "Brew" the tailgate dog (who apparently thought my microphone needed a good cleaning), and a special man named John Porsche.

Whenever it comes to athletic programs, it's men like him that classify as "unsung heroes." It takes a lot of people to keep a team going.

John worked for the UL Athletic Department for over 40 years. In that time, he saw four different head coaches, five athletic directors and "some pretty interesting times." Back in the day, he dreamed of seeing a facility like the new Athletic Performance Center, but he thought he would only see it from heaven. The building is there, and he's still alive and well to take it in...and full of great stories.

Color commentator and former Ragin' Cajun WR Richie Falgout made a quick cameo at the tailgate before jumping in the booth with Jay Walker, which is something he never got to experience as a player. Enjoy the grub, but watch the waistline, Richie. The Tailgate Diet doesn't exactly consist of salads and celery.

With homecoming on the horizon, I had to start scoping out the scene. One of the many stops I'm sure to make is sure to raise the hair on the back of your necks. Homecoming on Halloween, are you ready for some tricks before your football treat?

The Delhomme's are beyond prepared. On top of a tricked out Cajun hearse, they plan on busting out a couple caskets, a flying ghoul, and of course, some booze and food. Ever seen a drink cooler made from a casket? Either had I, before this Saturday.

With Halloween Homecoming on the horizon, make sure to cook up a creative costume. I'll be back out with another gift card, a costume of my own and an appetite for tailgating.

Only three games left for us to hang out, Cajun Nation. Let's make the best of it.