It was the final edition of Ragin' Cajun Tailgate TV for the 2015 football season, so I had to get my tummy's worth...I mean money's worth.

My last drive in the Hampton Toyota Coin Car was eventful as usual. When Sam (my awesome videographer and editor) and I went to pick up ice, we caught a pair of guys taking pictures with our coined out ride. I swear, that thing turns more heads than a Bughatti.

Upon arrival, I knew my first objective: get some fresh cracklin.

Krewe des Chew always hooks me up, and this week they went above and beyond. I gave their cracklin a taste test, then a second taste test, then a third just for good measure. I thought about taking a fourth sample, but I had to save room for the chili they fed me off camera (it involved slow roasted steaks that fell apart in the cooking process).

After leaving my buddies at Krewe des Chew, I followed my nose to a delicious pot of sauce piquant. It was prepared by a former Ragin' Cajuns Baseball player, so you know it was good. My gluttony didn't stop there. It was the final game of the season, and I wasn't leaving without a full stomach.

What if I told you I ate three different slow roasted pigs? What if I also told you they were delicious in different ways? Lastly, what should I tell my girlfriend when she notices my belt is two notches larger than usual?

Add fire to a pig, and you get heaven. All three of the hogs I tasted were cooked for at least eight hours and had their own special blends of seasonings and sauces. I even got first dibs on the crispy, crackly food-heroine that is roasted skin.

Cajun Nation is too kind, and they definitely know their way around a pig. They also know how to get to the tailgate in style.

Sam Landers won the last $100 gift card to Academy Sports and Outdoor for giving me some of the worst truck envy a man can experience. His custom wrapped Ragin' Cajun tailgate machine perfectly matched his equally tricked out trailer, and he let me climb on top of it without even knowing he was in the running for the gift card. Plus, he said he was going to share it, like most of this year's winners did.

It's been a special year with you, Cajun Nation. Hopefully, we can still hang out during basketball season and on into baseball and softball.

I know you'll be out there cooking and having a good time, so I guess I'll just have to see you out at the tailgate. Same vibe, different season.