Ragin' Cajun Softball season is about to get started for 2016. Make sure you don't miss a minute of the action by buying your season tickets now.

Year in and year out, the Cajuns put one of the best softball teams in the country out on the field for the folks at Lamson Park. Head Coach Michael Lotief is always vocal about his appreciation for Cajun Nation, and he wants the stands packed again this season for his young women.

"The fan support - more importantly having our friends in the stands - makes Lamson Park one of the best softball venues and atmospheres in the country. That allows us to attract the best teams to come here. The revenue we generate allows us to stay competitive in this ever changing environment,” Lotief added. “Please help us recruit and encourage more season tickets holders to be part of this year’s journey to win a championship.”
For $275, you get a comfortable chairback view (sections 105-109, 207) from the grandstand all season long. If you don't need the chairback, you can purchase a benchback seat (205-206, 208-209) all year for $225, or you can grab $100 general admission season tickets in the outfield. Either way, you get to see one of the best college softball teams in the country.
The first home game is right around the corner on February 19th for the Louisiana Classic, so don't dilly nor dally on your way to buying your tickets.
To buy your season tickets, head online, visit the Cajundome Box Office between 10 am-4 pm, or call (337)-265-2100.