Greg Milhorn persevered through a lot this season for Ragin' Cajun Baseball, and he played a big role in getting them to the Baton Rouge Super Regional.

Despite battling injury all year, Milhorn found a way to help out the young pitching staff in different ways. Head Coach Tony Robichaux jokingly referred to him as "Coach Milhorn" while he was injured for the support work he did for the Cajun bullpen. When he couldn't pitch, he offered advice and guidance in an attempt to help his teammates reach a higher level. That's leadership in a bottle.

"Coach" Milhorn played a pivotal role in the Houston Regional, finishing off the gem Gunner Leger started to keep pace with the Cougars' Seth Romero. His name will be called upon again against LSU.

What does one of the most battle tested pitchers on the Cajun staff think about the environment in Alex Box Stadium and how the team can handle it? Let "Coach Milhorn" break it down.