Ragin' Cajun Junior Defensive Lineman Karmichael Dunbar spoke for the defense after the loss to Louisiana Tech, and he faced their issues head on.

The big man in the trenches is one of several guys trying to figure out how to improve on the defensive side of the ball after a 1-3 start. It would be easy to pass the buck or transfer blame, but Dunbar opted to face the heat with honesty.

"We need to get more of a pass rush," Dunbar said. "That will help our defensive backs in the long run."

Pass rush scratches the secondary's back and vice-versa, so Dunbar's logic would help a defensive backfield that has struggled to make the adjustment to man coverage.

Listen to the big man for yourself in the video above. As one of the leaders on the team, it was his job to lay out some truths and answer the questions.