Philip Humber, a little known 29 year-old pitcher for the Chicago White Sox, had a Major league career record of 10-10 when he woke up this morning. Now his name is on a list that includes only 20 other pitchers in MLB history after throwing a perfect game today against the Seattle Mariners.

Humber struck out 9, incuded 5 groundouts and 13 flyouts to accomplish the rare feat. He needed only 96 pitches to do it. (For the record, the White Sox won 4-0)

"I don't even know what to say," Humber said after the game. "I don't know what Philip Humber is doing in this list. No idea what my name is doing there, but I'm thankful it's there."

Humber's jouney is an inspirational one. He was the number 3 overall pick by the New York Mets back in 2004, but his career was quickly derailed when his right elbow required Tommy John surgery one year later.

After recovering from the injury, Humber began of path through the minor leagues. He was called up to the Majors, then sent back to the minors, then traded, then had several more short stints in the big leagues before going back to Triple-A. His hard work and persistence paid off today in an unlikely way...the perfect game in his 30th career start.

Rather than take credit himself, Humber focused on "the Man upstairs."

"Whatever we’re doing, we should be doing it to glorify God. That’s a whole lot better way to live because you know he’s in control, and you can just be thankful for what’s happening," explained a beaming Humber.

“It’s not me. It’s really not. I’ve said it a lot, but God, it’s his timing. I haven’t changed. I’ve worked as hard as I’m working now my whole career. But before it used to be about me, but now it’s not."

After throwing a perfect game, all Humber could do was give praise to the Perfect Fan.