The constant whispers among NBA pundits about the health of Chris Paul never stopped during the regular season. Perhaps those whispers will reach a screaching halt this postseason. Based on Paul's play yesterday, playoff basketball appears to be the perfect elixir for CP3. Here is more from Bradley Handwerger of

For much of the season, many have questioned what was wrong with Chris Paul, New Orleans’ All-Star point guard and team leader.

He wasn’t scoring as much. He wasn’t as quick as before. He wasn’t himself.

Turns out, Paul only needed the playoffs to wake him up from a near season-long slumber.

Behind an inspired Paul, the seventh-seeded Hornets defeated the No. 2-seed Lakers 109-100 in Los Angeles on Sunday, sending an opening salvo in a series no one expected New Orleans to have a chance to compete in.

Let's hope the playoff elixir doesn't ware off anytime soon. Paul can use another dose of it before Game 2 on Wednesday.