There is certainly a lot that goes on behind closed doors in the way of coaching that very few of us, on the outside looking in, ever get a glimpse of. But on Tuesday, Georgetown's first year Head Coach Patrick Ewing was mic'd up during a timeout where we got a look at Coach Ewing challenging one of his best players.

During a timeout in Tuesday's Big East match-up with DePaul, after Marcus Derrickson took an ill-advised shot, Ewing asked him a series of simple questions....

"What kind of shot is that?"

"Have you ever shot that shot?"

"Do you work on that shot, when?"

Ewing wasn't demeaning Derrickson he was simply questioning if the decision he made was a smart one, holding him accountable for a shot that's not in his arsenal.

He was keeping one of his best players in his lane, that's one of the marks of a good coach. Ewing realized that was poor shot selection and let his player know that they didn't need any crazy, one legged, step back jumpers. If he doesn't call Derrickson out on that low percentage shot then he'd have the propensity to continue to shoot ill-advised shots that'll only hurt the team.

Derrickson seemed to rebound and get himself back on track after the exchange with his head coach. He finished the game with 24 points and a win which improved the Hoyas to 11-3 on the season.


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