Social media now a days is used in a variety of ways and many times it's used to not only capture a photo/video of a professional athlete doing something wrong but then shared so it spreads like wild-fire. However, on this day social media was used for a different purpose when it came to a professional athlete.

In this case, the athlete is Green Bay Packers second year running back Aaron Jones. He was caught off guard when a picture of him helping an elderly lady through an Appleton, Wisconsin airport by pushing her in her wheelchair surfaced.

The wheelchair assist wasn't the whole story. Apparently, Jones was traveling from Chicago to Wisconsin after he had spent Memorial Day weekend at home in El Paso, Texas. On the short connecting flight he had fallen asleep with his headphones in listening to music and when he woke up he saw the elderly lady struggling in the row across from him. He then asked her if she needed any help and Jones recalls, "And she said yes, so I started carrying her bags and when we were walking off the plane, the flight attendant told her that there would be somebody there to push her with a wheelchair."

Problem was, there ended up not being anybody there to push her.

At that point Jones took it upon himself, "So I asked if she wanted me to push her and she said yes," he said. "I pushed her down to where her daughter was. As we got halfway down there, I had a bag tag on and she asked 'Are you a Packers player?' I said 'Yes, ma'am I am.' And she was like, 'My husband would've loved this.' You could tell she got excited, and it made me happy. But I didn't know anybody had taken a picture until I got home and got on Twitter."

Even Packers head coach Mike McCarthy caught wind of the story, "Well, I'll tell you, it brings a big smile to my face when it comes across my phone, I'll just say about Aaron Jones and our players: I look at that as I'm thankful that everybody else is getting to see what I get to see pretty much every day. I mean, this is a tremendous locker room. We've been very fortunate and blessed with the caliber of character that we have in our locker room. So when things like that are expressed, especially on social media, it brings a smile to my face. But that's what I get to experience with these guys every day. Their heart is in the right place, and I'm sure obviously he probably didn't even know someone took that picture. That's just the type of guy he is."

In the world of social media now-a-days too seldom are random acts of kindness captured, let alone talked about to give someone praise. We have to remember to always be kind to others in this world, we've got to take care of each other, not enough people do these type of things anymore, and it brings a smile to my face too.


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