I'll be honest, after watching this video, I realized that I'm a wuss in the reporting world. John Giannone on the other hand, is a man.

Eleven years ago, I was working with a camera crew for Cox Communications and covering the New Orleans Hornets. It sounds more glamorous than it actually was. I was in college, and helped carry the wires behind the courtside camera. The cool part was being courtside for NBA games. However, sometimes it was too close for comfort.

One night, Hornets guard David Wesley (now TV color commentator for the Hornet) crashed into me after getting clocked from behind while attempting a rebound. As he fell forward, the camera man moved, and Wesley hit me pretty hard in the shoulder as he hit the hardwood. I tumbled back, played it off like it didn't hurt, finished working the game, then went back to my dorm room and iced my shoulder for a week. The point of the story is that I thought I toughened it out and played it cool....At least I thought I did before I saw this video.

John Giannone is the rinkside reporter for the New York Rangers. In a game this week, he got drilled in the face with a puck. He began bleeding profusely as a medic tended to his wound. Rather than whine, the man continues reporting as he's being worked on, and plays off the incident with a "no big deal" coolness that can only be respected by all.