They say chicks dig the long ball and on this day back in 2002 Shawn Green of the Los Angeles Dodgers must have had the chicks all over him in a regular season game against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Green laid down some serious lumber against the Brew Crew on this day. He finished the day 6-for-6 with four, yes FOUR home runs, 6 runs scored, and 7 RBI's. Talk about having a day! Needless to say the Dodgers would go on to win the game 16-3.

His first home run came off of starting pitcher Glendon Rusch and was of the three-run variety. His second and third came off of reliever Brian Mallette, both were solo shots, and his fourth came off of Jose Cabrera, also a solo shot.

It was an all-time great accomplishment in which only 17 other players in Major League Baseball can say they've achieved. (You can see the list here)



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