1961 was a special college football season for a man from the University of Syracuse. Running back Ernie Davis was named the Heisman Trophy winner, the first African American to win the award.

Davis had himself a tremendous season that year. He carried the ball 150 times, totaled 823 yards, and 12 touchdowns in 11 games. The team went 8-3 that season finishing 16th in the nation.

The Heisman voting that year was as followed:

  1. Ernie Davis-Syracuse (179 1st place votes)
  2. Bob Ferguson-Ohio State (122 1st place votes)
  3. Jimmy Saxton-Texas (81 1st place votes)
  4. Sandy Stephens-Minnesota (104 1st place votes)
  5. Pat Trammell-Alabama (76 1st place votes)

This was such a big deal that in 2008 Hollywood made a very inspirational movie about Ernie Davis' life and the adversity's he faced called The Express.


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