Imagine winning a silver medal for your country. You're standing on the podium, the weight drops around your neck and you experience a moment very few human beings ever feel.

Now imagine having the love of your life drop down on a knee, look you in the eye and open a velvet box with a diamond ring inside. It's the moment people dream about for years, finding the person they want to spend the rest of their life with.

Chinese diver He Zi was hit with both, back to back, in an incredibly adorable Olympic moment from Rio 2016.

Zi's boyfriend, now her fiance, Qin Kai is also a Chinese diver. He figured while they were both on the biggest stage of their lives, he could cash in and make one of the most stupendous proposals the world has ever seen.

Qin Kai and He Zi definitely set the bar high for their marriage. Since both are Olympians, clearly they strive for greatness. Kai might not have won a medal at the games, but he definitely wins the gold medal for best proposal.