Odell Beckham Jr. made one of the best catches in NFL history last season, and it landed him on the cover of the newest edition of Madden.

In the course of a little over a year, OBJ went from hearing his name called on Draft Day to seeing his presence flying across the cover of the most popular sports video game in America. He probably grew up playing Madden against his buddies after football practice. Now he can look over at his bros and say, "Hey, let's play the game with me on the cover. Who wants to pick up the sticks?"

Beckham set the league on fire last season with the New York Giants. In only 12 games, he piled up 1,305 yards on 91 catches, hauling in a TD per game. No doubt he can become a superstar, but should a rookie make the cover of Madden?

Beckham isn't another Peyton Hillis. He earned his spot on the cover, and he will probably back it up next season. We just hope the Madden curse stays far away from the former Tiger. Otherwise, we might not get to see any more catches like this one.

You know you want to...Just. Press. Play.