Patience is a virtue, is not something you generally hear from NFL fans when their team is not getting the job done on the field. In turn, it usually results in NFL head coaches losing their jobs.

More organizations have tried to take the "be patient" approach but the patience may be wearing thin as the 2018 season nears...

It should be no surprise that Cleveland Browns head man, Hue Jackson is at the top of this list with just one single win to his credit in 32 games over the past two seasons. However, the team brought in some veteran players (QB-Tyrod Taylor and WR- Jarvis Landry) to go along with a young core that they've been trying to build through the past few drafts. This seems to be the year Jackson ether sinks or swims in Cleveland.

Both Gruden brothers appear on this list which is a little bit surprising seeing as brother Jon just signed a 10 year-$100 million dollar contract with the Oakland Raiders this off-season. As for Jay, well he should be on the hot seat as he's gotten the Washington Redskins to just one playoff appearance in four years. His Redskin teams have also floundered around the .500 mark over the past three seasons. I see Jon getting a bit of a leash with Oakland but if brother Jay struggles early in Washington a change could be made swiftly.

As for "Americas Team" aka the Dallas Cowboys and Jason Garrett, he's another name that sticks out to me because we know Jerry Jones does not tolerate losing well. Garrett has yet to get this Dallas team over the hump in the playoffs, guiding the team there just twice in eight years and never getting past the Divisional Round. If the going gets tough to beginning this year expect Garrett to get going and be gone quickly.

Who do you see being the first coach fired in 2018?


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