NBA players are raking in the cash, hand over fist, in free agency this season. The numbers are mind-boggling, and NFL players want a piece of the action.

Mike Conley's five year contract worth more than $150 million is the richest deal in NBA history. More than $30 million per year. For Mike Conley. What am I missing here?

Conley isn't the only free agent cleaning up the cash with a mop. Andre Drummond ($130 million), DeMar DeRozan ($145 million), Nicolas Batum ($120 million) and Bradley Beal ($128 million) all need to send big fruit baskets with hand-written thank you notes to their agents. Those deals are absurdly large, but with the increase in the salary cap, this appears to be where the bar is set now.

When guys like Hassan Whiteside and Chandler Pasons are getting four year deals worth around $24 million a year, you know the market is out of their mind. Not to mention, Mike Conley can buy a small island now.

NFL players are well-paid too, but not like this. Not even Drew Brees or Tom Brady can boast behemoth guaranteed contracts like these NBA guys, and we're not even talking about the LeBron's and Steph Curry's of the world. Nic Batum is a solid small forward, but $120 million over five years?

When Timofey Mozgov gets the same money as an NFL quarterback, we officially hit the ridiculous mark in free agency.

Mozgov, Conley and the rest of the NBA are in a golden age. Seriously, I think they're all just going to get paid in gold bricks soon.

(original headshots from Getty Images)