What in the world is a catch in the NFL? That's been the million dollar question around the league for, what seems like the last decade or so. Why has it become such a complicated proposition to figure out what exactly is and isn't a catch? Two words, instant replay.

Instant replay allows us the luxury to watch every single play, from every single angle, in super slow motion to see if the ball moved, shifted, or touched a blade of turf. It's a blessing and a curse because now we're really able to nit-pick what is and isn't a catch.

However, the NFL brass has gone back to the drawing board and is trying to make some revisions according to Al Riveron, NFL Senior Vice President of Officiating.

The biggest take away from these proposed rule changes is that they're eliminating the verbiage of having to control the ball all the way through the process of the catch. For example, once a receiver catches the ball in bounds, two feet down and goes out of bounds he can drop the ball and it'll go as a catch.

These rules will also change the plays like the Dez Bryant non-catch from the 2014 NFC Divisional playoff game against the Green Bay Packers. How about Calvin Johnson from the Detroit Lions season opener in 2010 or the one that's freshest in our minds of Jessie James of the Pittsburgh Steelers from last year.

Lets hope the NFL gets it closer to being right, please.


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